Thursday, March 12, 2009

The First is Always the Hardest

I have always been interested with writing arena. I have had some experienced of writing stories, poems and even Haiku. However, being a playwright is something very unusual for me. It took me days to figure out what do I have to accomplish in order to write a play.

It is true; the first is always the hardest. My first play was ‘greatly’ criticized. It took me several more days to accept that I am this bad. I was unable to distinguish between a simple dialogue and a meaningful plays.

I learned from mistakes. The second one was a lot better. I understand that a playwright job is not easy. It needs massive efforts and thinking strategies. Delivering the messages isn’t simple as it may seems to be. You got to have style and technique to make it interesting. Otherwise, the play would end up being an ordinary play. And being an ordinary play is a pain. It has little value.

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  1. Hye Syah..

    Firstly, well done!! You manage to complete your task. I believe we are in the same condition. I myself have problems to start writing the script. This is my first too. At first, I was too focusing on finish the play without realizing the enjoyment of doing it. I did badly for the first draft. Luckily I managed to overcome the problem and come out the second draft astonishingly. I certainly agree with you that we must have our own style and technique to make it interesting. Now I am satisfied with it because I realize that an extraordinary play come from the joy of doing it. Well done mate.