Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eyes of Blindness

“Character is colours”. In any story, character gives life or killed it if not properly develop.

In Oedipus Rex, I noticed that Teiresias character is one of the most fundamental elements that bring life to the play. His role is fascinating; ‘he sees in the dark’.
Teiresias physically is an old blind man. He does not have the looks of a great wise leader. He does not bear a great title like Oedipus, yet he possesses the power of knowledge. He is spiritually enlightened. He sees truth through wall of lies. And more than that, despite his smallness as an anonymous citizen, he dares to accuse Oedipus as the true culprit of their despair. These qualities are simply ‘outstanding’. It made him a prophet who was burdened with the responsibility to tell truth.

I really love Tiresias magical touch in this play. Without him, we could never know the truth from Oedipus Lies; the king who is famous with the riddle solving, but unable to ‘see in the light’.

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