Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elizabeth: Virgin 'Mother' of the Great Empire

‘Elizabeth the Golden Era’
I had never heard about this film until Dr Edwin decided that we should watch it to enrich our knowledge. Indeed, it is a great movie. I must thank Dr Edwin for exposing me to this additional historical knowledge.

This movie is a depiction from the famous Queen Elizabeth history. She was ‘married to England’. The beloved land she swore to throne and protect from any enemy.
I was touched to learn that Elizabeth (a woman) is a human of ‘steel heart’. She ruled England as if she was a great king. In truth, it is the truth. She was a great leader. She protected her land from the great Spanish armada and Vatican coup to overthrown her. It is amazing to know that a woman can be that strong. Elizabeth even defies her personal needs of man’s touch; a brilliant strength for a woman for their species' well known desires for emotional supports.

Elizabeth strength inspires me to be successful in my career. If she (a single woman) can be that successful, why can’t l; a person who have everything I need match her success in her life?

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