Saturday, April 4, 2009

I did it! Yes?

It is done!
I have finished my simulated teaching. I feel really good about it. All the nervousness was gone. How relief I am.
I never thought that teaching is difficult. It always seems to me that a teacher job is very simple; come to class and teach what you have in mind. However, all my previous thoughts proved to be wrong. A teacher job is not simple as that. You have to prepare everything first and overcome your 'fear' before coming to class. And on top of that, delivering the lesson itself needs a serious strategy to achieve the lesson objectives. Together, all these require me to give massive efforts and commitments in fulfilling the course task.
Though I have worked hard to get this task done, I noticed that I have many weaknesses. On of the most notable is my fluency. I always stopped for words. Grammar came next. Together, they dampen the smoothness of lesson delivery. I will improve in the future. This, I promised to myself!

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